Empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

You can’t become holy without the Holy Spirit. Yes, Mary will do the heavy lifting to lead you to holiness but it is her spouse the Holy Spirit who actually makes you holy. Mary makes you holy by interceding on your behalf for your holiness. Just as Jesus was unable to deny his mother at the wedding feast of Cana, so the Holy Spirit is unable to deny her request for your growth in holiness.

We are not just seeking your holiness but also your Empowerment by the Holy Spirit.

What do I mean by empowerment? After Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples were gathered together at Pentecost. They were already made holy in that they loved and adored Jesus but basically they were too scared and weak to do anything because of their fear of the Jews.

Pentecost changed all that! The Holy Spirit descended on them and EMPOWERED them to become fearless proclaimers of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. They would now freely and willingly lay down their lives for the gospel and many of them were martyred. It is fair to say that the early church would have fizzled out without the empowering action of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

In the same way, you will never be able to do the works that God had planned for you at your conception without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

How do we become empowered by the Holy Spirit?

Read the Acts of the Apostles. It is basically a manual of how to become empowered by the Holy Spirit (some call it the Baptism in the Holy Spirit). Basically you have to ASK for the Holy Spirit to empower you. Jesus said….You, though you are evil, know how to give good things to your children when they ask you….How much more will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those that ask for Him?

What is the link between Consecration to Mary and the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit?

St Louis de Montfort answers this question……..“When the Holy Spirit, her spouse,  finds Mary in a soul, he hastens there and enters fully into it. He gives himself generously to that soul according to the place it has given to his spouse. One of the main reasons why the Holy Spirit does not work striking wonders in souls is that he fails to find in them a sufficiently close union with his faithful and inseparable spouse.” 

 This was my own experience. After I had done a couple of Consecrations to Jesus through Mary I was prayed over by a couple of empowered Catholic ladies. They asked the Holy Spirit to come down on me and empower me for His Purpose. Wow…did he ever? The Holy Spirit hit me like a ton of bricks and basically that’s why I am here building this website. The Holy Spirit has empowered me to do this just as He will empower you to carry out His pre ordained mission that the Lord has planned for you.

Click on the link below…its by far the best online course I have found on how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This is only an introduction to the As By A New Pentecost course and it will lead you into all seven sessions. You can do the first four sessions on your own but you will need a couple of people who have already been Empowered (Baptised in the Holy Spirit).