Why Consecration to St Joseph?

Here’s Why……

When God wishes to raise a soul to greater heights, he unites it to St. Joseph by giving it a strong love for the good saint.
St. Peter Julian Eymard


Most people have kind of forgotten about St Joseph and I have to confess that I was one of them. That all changed when my wife and I were in Medjurgorje in march this year (2020) just before the place was locked down due to covid. We renewed our wedding vows on our 50th wedding anniversary on the feast of St Joseph, March 19, at the second last english mass before the lockdown.

Since then, St Joseph has inserted himself into our lives in no uncertain manner….Amazing.

Here are just a few of the facts about St Joseph that I had conveniently ovrerlooked. Despite there being no recorded spoken words of St Joseph in the new testament he is the most important and powerful saint of all of them. I’m not including Mary here….she is in a class of her own being conceived without sin, spouse of the Holy Spirit, mother of God, and Queen of Heaven to name just a few.

Important facts about St Joseph

  1. He was chosen by God to look after, protect and provide for Mary and Jesus. What an incredible responsibility.
  2. He saved the life of Jesus when he got up in the middle of the night and fled with Jesus and Mary into Egypt, thereby escaping the soldiers of Herod who were sent to kill him.
  3. Jesus and Mary submitted themselves to him because he was head of the famiy….the Holy Family.
  4. St Joseph was not an old man as depicted in some paintings…old men don’t walk to Egypt! Rather he was most likely to have been a much younger man who taught Jesus the trade of carpentry.
  5. St Joseph was and remained a virgin for his entire life.
  6. He had the unique privilege of rearing Jesus and caring and protecting for Jesus and Mary. We don’t know when St Joseph died but many scholars agree that he would have cared for Jesus and Mary for at least 20 years. Imagine being in the constant company of Jesus and Mary for 20 years or more.
  7. St Joseph, after Our Lady is the most powerful intercessor…prove it for yourself. Here’s an example. I have had a lot of trouble getting this site moved from one provider to the next. It was taking weeks when it should have taken mere days. I prayed this morning to St Joseph to fix the problem and two hours later it was resolved. From finding lost keys to finding you a wife or husband…St Joseph is your man.


The Holy Family

Benefits of Consecration to St Joseph

I’ll let St Teresa of Avila explain some of the benefits….

“ I wish I could persuade everyone to be devoted to the glorious St. Joseph, for I have great experience of the blessings which he can obtain from God. I do not remember that I have ever asked anything of him which he has failed to grant. I am astonished at the great favors which God has bestowed on me through this blessed saint, and at the perils from which he has delivered me, both in body and in soul. To other saints, the Lord seems to have given grace to help us in some of our necessities. But my experience is that St. Joseph helps us in them all; also that the Lord wishes to teach us that, as he was himself subject on earth to St. Joseph, so in heaven he now does all that Joseph asks. This has also been the experience of other persons whom I have advised to commend themselves to the saint. I only request, for the love of God, whoever will not believe me will test the truth of what I say, for he will see by experience how great a blessing it is to recommend oneself to this glorious patriarch and to be devoted to him.”


“Just as Joseph guarded Jesus and Mary, so Joseph will guard you and protect you. Fr Don Calloway has just , released a book called Consecration to St  Joseph. It is an absolutely amazing book truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Its a 33 day consecration just like the Consecration to Mary and no, Mary will not be upset with you if you have already consecrated yourself to her. Mary and Joseph are not in competition with each other…they work as a team. Not only will you have Mary guiding you and loving you but you will have Joseph as well. Jesus and Mary and Joseph want you to be a part of their holy family….you will be so blessed.


Consecration to St Joseph by Fr. Don Calloway. Available on Amazon as paperback or ebook.

Get this book and be blessed. Become part of the Holy Family by consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary and St Joseph.