Colleen Willard (click link) went to Medjurgorje to die. She was incurably ill with dozens of diseases but was cured by Our Lady at mass. She got up out of her wheelchair and climbed Apparation Hill the same day even though all the muscles in her legs had wasted away.

I met her with a pilgrim group that were eating dinner at a restaurant in Medjurgorje at Easter in 2019. She and her husband arrived late and sat down beside me. I had no idea who she was and she began telling me her story. It was truly amazing and inspiring.

When I got back to my hotel, I called my wife in Australia and told her of this amazing woman I met at dinner who was miraculously cured. When I told my wife her name she went silent. “I have saved several of her videos her at home…..that’s incredible”.  In fact, meeting Colleen was my inspiration to build this website.